Round Stamp

Round  Stamp

Special offer $48 for 3 pieces with Free Delivery.

What we offer:

Minimum order quantity as low as 1 set per design

Pre-inked stamps offer the ultimate in users' convenience.

The ink is already contained within the stamping, so no stamp pad is required.

Long lasting pre-inked stamp that can produce over 30,000 impressions!

Lead time as fast as 2 working days

Your choice of Black / Blue / Red / Green and Purple


Size & Code

DF 19  (Diameter 14mm) $20

DF 24  (Diameter 20mm) $24

DF 26  (Diameter 22mm) $24

DF 35  (Diameter 31mm) $28

DF 42  (Diameter 38mm) $34


Black / Blue / Red / Green and Purple

Quantity per design

1 pc / 2 pcs / 3 pcs / 4 pcs / 5 pcs or any quantity

File Format

(.ai) (.pdf) (.jpg)

Can the Round Stamp size be customized?
What is the minimum order quantity of Round Stamp?
Can we request sample before order confirmation?